G.O.L.D (Gymnasts of Outstanding Leadership Development)

Purpose Develop leaders, promote recognition, strive for Excellence and growth, assist with academics via quarterly workshops, engage parents, coaches, and parents
Mission Cultivate well-rounded citizens who give back to communities
Vision Above average students, competitive athletes, and global philanthropists
  • January - July 2013 — recognize all gymnasts for an achievement (2 gymnasts per month per level)
  • Monthly — recognize one parent
  • Quarterly — show appreciation to board members and coaches
Core Competency Goals Maintain a 3.0/Honor Roll, listening skills, receiving and applying feedback, goal setting, reading, writing, presentation skills, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as it applies to gymnastics and the environment
Characteristics Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Commitment, Attendance, Determination, Character
  • Recognize two gymnasts per month per level via Bulletin board, newspaper print, e-mail/e-newsletter, website
  • Recognize one parent per month per level via Bulletin board, e-mail/e-newsletter, website
  • Feature one coach and board member per quarter via Bulletin board, e-mail/e-newsletter
  • Phase I: Jan. 2014 - Book club (6 weeks) — 1 book club outing located at a library
  • Phase II: Feb., April, June 2014 — Quarterly academic and/or leadership workshop
  • Phase III: March, May, July 2014 — Community service project
  • Academics — based on growth via a teacher/parent survey
  • Leadership Development — based on coaches monitoring behaviors: listening, attitude, timeliness, cooperativeness, courage, teamwork/team mentor, character monitored by the coaches
  • Monthly — certificates & ribbons distributed by coaches and/or SBC
  • Annually — awards/gold medals at annual banquet
Players Gymnasts (boys and girls), Parents, Coaches, and SBC Board
Needed Resources Sportsplex Bulletin Board, color paper, color printing, certificates, ribbons, gold medals, editorials, press releases, e-newsletter, website